Hoe gaat het nu écht met kledingarbeiders?

De Amerikaanse arbeidsrechtenorganisatie Remake start een nieuwe campagne, #PayHer. Daarvoor laat het arbeiders van over de hele wereld aan het woord. Hoe gaat het nu écht met hen, meer dan een jaar na de start van de coronacrisis?

‘It’s no secret that the pandemic has disrupted our way of life and shaken labor markets in the U.S. and the rest of the world’, mailt Katrina Caspelich van Remake vanuit California. ‘While many industries widely covered in the media like retail and food have recovered most of their job and profit losses in recent months, there is one group who continues to struggle and whose story must continue to be heard – garment workers. Hear from garment workers around the world.’

‘A year after the pandemic and the launch of the PayUp campaign began, there’s more urgency than ever for fashion brands to stop dodging the responsibility of living wages within their supply chains. Time is of the essence for brands to step up and protect the millions of workers, who power the industry and are vulnerable to hunger and illness. In the next video, we see influencers Venetia La MannaJazmine RogersAnne Therese GennariThania PeckAditi Mayer, and Val Emanuel along with supermodel Amber Valletta and actress, Nathalie Kelly (The Baker and the Beauty) share why its imperative that brands provide direct relief to fashion’s most essential workers.’

‘With all that’s happened, NOW is time to create reform within the fashion industry to #PayHer.’

Lees meer via de website van Remake: https://remake.world/films/one-year-later-what-has-changed-for-garment-workers-since-the-pandemic-2/

Bekijk de volledige film via: https://remake.world/films/one-year-later-what-has-changed-for-garment-workers-since-the-pandemic/

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