Na #PayUp: vijf tips voor duurzaam protest

#PayUp, de campagne van antifastfashionplatform Remake, was enorm succesvol. What’s next? Naar aanleiding van mijn artikel in OneWorld, waarin ik schets hoe kledingarbeiders ondanks succesvolle campagnes alsnog miljarden aan lonen mislopen, deelt Remake-oprichter Ayesha Barenblat vijf tips voor duurzaam protest.

  1. Stay in the know – Follow us on Instagram @remakeourworld or sign up for our monthly newsletter here to keep up with brand behaviour and worker demands during the pandemic. 
  1. Truly wear your values – This is more than one-time action; it’s a change in habits. Consider this pandemic as a moment in time to reflect on your personal values and the collective voice you are a part of. Some questions to ask yourself: Is what I’m saying online aligning with what I’m doing in real life? Am I actually supporting the sustainable fashion movement or just liking a photo? What was the last sustainable business I supported? Am I supporting brands that do good for the people who make their products and the planet? Find the ways in which you are called on to take action like signing the #PayUp petition and demanding that brands #PayUp. If you are a bit uncomfortable, you’re doing it right. 
  1. Vote by ballot and wallet – Voting inevitably supports agency. Actively engaging in elections at the local, state and federal level to key to driving systemic change. Political elections are held routinely, but you can take action daily by voting with your wallet. Your dollar has power – purchasing power. Use it to align with your values and the collective mission of the sustainable fashion movement by supporting  local and ethical businesses. Avoid supporting businesses that are greenwashing for profit. 
  1. Make routine donations – Continue to support organisations that advocate for human rights and environmental issues on a regular basis. Donations can take on many forms. If you aren’t able to provide financial assistance, allocate time to volunteer.. Some emergency funds that we suggest donating to to provide workers with urgent food and medical supplies include:
    AWAJ Foundation’s GoFundMe, helping garment workers in Bangladesh.
    Garment Worker Center Emergency Relief Fund, helping garment workers in Los Angeles.
    Support Sri Lankan Garment Workers GoFundMe, helping garment workers in Sri Lanka.

  2. Speak up, your voice matters – If you see something, say something. If you notice a brand is not being transparent? Call it out. Hear a brand is not treating workers fairly? Call it out. A key principle of sustainability is endurance for present and future generations. The same principals must be applied to social justice. The movement has created a lot of opportunity for systemic change which we must act upon. As other content begins to take over feeds in place of #PayUp, we need to continue to fight for fashion’s most essential workers to be paid dignified wages and have safe working conditions.

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